Aug 232012


I had no idea, until I went looking for this image, just how much like a space-accordion the James Webb Telescope will look like. It is possible that makes it even cooler.

“the James Webb Space Telescope, due to launch in 2018 … should be able to detect oxygen in an alien planet’s air”

F*** me gently. I just spent a few moments thinking (1) about how mind-bogglingly far away, and how comparatively tiny these alien planets are, and (2) that we’re sticking a wee machine above our heads that can see if there is anything on these planets BREATHING.

The Na’vi: “I see you.”

Humans: “I see you, too. I see you breathing from 42 light-years away. Go on. Impress me with your really tall tree.”

I picked the right group of highly-developed apes to get born into.

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