Aug 172011

Not been doing a lot of painting recently, but I thought I would put up pics of the two models I have been working on.  Misaki and Taelor from Malifaux.  Here is a post from May I did about both these models.

Misaki has played in a couple of games and done pretty well.  She generally has the tools to do whatever you want in a situation, and in a Perdita crew, Obey is great to get her into the fight with her Wk/Cg of 5/7.  With a superb Cb of 7 on a damage track of 2/4/6, and a melee range of 2″ she is already at beatstick levels, but not only is her weapon Magical (meaning it does full damage to Spirits) but she has Melee Expert meaning she gets another attack per Activation (assuming she is in range of something).

She has a trigger off Rams that gives her positive flips to damage, and four spells, three of which are (0) Actions and none of which have a Rst.  If you have a 7 Tomes or better you can give her +2Dg, making her potential damage output amongst the highest in the game (and you can still get that Rams trigger, remember).  If you have an 8 of Rams or higher you can give her Medium and Severe damage blasts.  Severe Damage would be 6 Dg on the target with two blasts each doing 4 Dg each!  Ouch.  Lastly, if you have a 5 of Masks or higher you can give her a 6″ melee range!  As these are all (0) Actions you cannot stack them, sadly.

Her last spell is a (1) Action, and allows her to ignore impassable terrain and severe terrain effects.  Very handy for an ambush your opponent will not see coming.

Finally, she has an Ability called Foresight that comes up a lot more often than you might think (about 22% of the time).  If Misaki and her opponent’s starting Fate cards are the same or one different then you can choose either Misaki or the opponent to discard and re-flip.

Her Df of 5 is a bit higher than average, but with only 7 Wds she will die if the enemy decide to single her out.  If you have the cards, however, she can Wk, hit (cheat high for Severe and use the +2Dg spell for a total of 8) and then Wk back out of line of sight in a single activation.  Good if you can manage it, otherwise her only real defence is a wicked offense!

Not only is Misaki a complete pain in the rear to assemble, she is very challenging to paint. The pose of the model renders all sorts of areas very hard to reach, but I certainly would not paint the model and then assemble it, given the amount of bending and reposing needed. Without a magnifying glass/ lamp and a very fine brush this would have been much harder than it was.

Then there is Taelor, who is a model I have wanted to own ever since I first learned about Malifaux, but have only recently gotten around to.  She is a beatstick par excellence.  Her Relic Hammer is the same as Misaki’s Bisento, but it also ignores Armour, does +1 Weak Dg and has +1″ range.  That 3″ range is huge, as it means she can wail on almost every other model in the game, but they need to move before they can hit her (and cannot charge her, as they are already within her melee range).  She has a whole load of abilities to keep her alive, as well as 2 more Wds than Misaki, but I have less experience with her than with Misaki, so I won’t go on about her here.  Instead, why not admire the lovely pic?

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